Was founded in Bulgaria in 1996 as a manufacturer of artificial climbing walls and became a world leader in this field. The company has completed projects in 42 countries on 6 continents. In addition to its Head Office in Bulgaria, Walltopia has offices in USA, Canada, Austria, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and Pacific Asia. Among its customers are climbing gyms, schools, shopping centers, kinder gardens, amusement, waterparks, recreation and entertainment centers, hotels, shopping malls, military, police and fire-brigade departments.


  • Walltopia
  • Funtopia
  • Ropetopia
  • Rocktopia
Walltopia produces general indoor climbing solutions. Funtopia produces climbing solutions for children. Ropetopia produces combination between vertical and horizontal solutions based on ropes Rocktopia is custom made to resemble 100 % real rock including its various formations such as cracks, tufas, chimneys, ledges, stalactites, corners and diverse micro relief like pockets , holes, jugs, pinches, and many more.
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